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Horse Shows

At Foundations Equestrian, we believe that horse shows provide yet another opportunity to learn. We travel to local dressage and fun shows that are casual and inexpensive for those new to showing, but upper level opportunities are also available. Showing is in no way a requirement but can be a fun way to meet new people and cheer on your friends! And who doesn't like some colorful ribbons as a bonus? More information is available upon request.

Not bad for her very first show! Congrat


Leasing a horse is an outstanding way to connect with a horse and begin to understand the responsibilities of ownership without an actual purchase or a large financial commitment. Current lesson students can lease by volunteering 4 hours per week for the opportunity to ride and spend time with a specific horse outside of your lesson time while we maintain ownership and pay the necessary bills! Riders must be confident, independent, and reasonably skilled, and a parent must be present on lease days. More information is available upon request.

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