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Our Lesson Philosophy

The focus of Foundations Equestrian has always been, and always will be, a complete equine education, including groundwork and polished basic riding skills that will lead to a long and prosperous equine experience, no matter your personal goals. We are incredibly proud to be the only local facility offering the HorseSense Learning Levels curriculum, which includes mounted, unmounted, and relationship-driven skill development. We teach a balanced English riding seat that can easily transition to quite literally any discipline with an emphasis on muscle-building, secure balance, and solid equitation and communication skills. Riders of all experience levels can benefit from this foundational instruction, and we teach any students ages 4 and up.*

Our facility is family owned and operated, and our dedication to a close-knit, education-based atmosphere is what sets us apart from many other facilities. We specialize in breaking down the required skills into easy-to-understand steps and teaching to many different learning styles. We employ a spiral teaching method, which teaches new skills while reinforcing previously-learned skills. Our specialty is making each lesson safe, educational, and fun!

Horseback riding teaches many skills beyond those used in the saddle. It teaches riders to be respectful leaders, builds confidence and self-esteem, encourages responsibility and sportsmanship, and can create lasting bonds between horse and rider, just to name a few! Let Foundations Equestrian help you along your journey with our equine partners!

Group Lessons


Mounted group lessons are an hour in length and are organized by age and skill level. This environment is excellent for a beginner or casual rider just looking to broaden their education and have some fun! There are never more than 4 riders in any group, and there is a strong focus on muscle building, balance, and teamwork. Tuition is $220 per month and includes once-weekly mounted lessons and one monthly unmounted horsemanship lesson.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are only available for brand new riders who aren't yet ready for a group, or for more advanced riders who need to focus on a particular training path. There is a strong focus on individual needs and goals. Tuition for beginner riders is $220 per month and includes 4 once-weekly 30-minute private mounted lessons and one monthly unmounted horsemanship lesson. 30-minute private lessons beyond the initial beginner lessons are $300 per month.

Pony Pals

Pony Pals lessons are designed for our younger riders, ages 4-6. This is a 20-25 minute lesson (depends on the rider's attention span!) filled with games that encourage muscle development, increased balance, and fine and gross motor skills. Classes are held Saturday mornings, and there is a waiting list! Click on "sign up now" to get on it! Tuition is $120 per month.

Discount for military, first responders, teachers, additional family members, multiple lessons per week, and riders with their own horse.

*For the safety of both horse and rider, we enforce a 175-lb weight limit for beginners and 200lbs for experienced riders.

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