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"Awesome Mom"

April 19, 2000

unraced TB

bay mare

Annie came to us in  from Copper Horse Crusade, where she was called Louise. She had a short tail and was lactating, leading us to believe she had likely just weaned a foal. She immediately settled in and became a favorite! Known for either being a bit lazy or a bit spicy- there is no in between- she's great at teaching riders not to expect anything, just ride the horse you're on! Her beautiful long strides and obvious former education have made her an outstanding show horse as well. She's the leader of the herd out in the pasture and enjoys full-on naps, including snoring, when in her stall!


July 1, 2006

grade Arabian

gray mare

Luna is owned by a third party but has been with us for several years. Nicknamed "Luna Balloona", "Lunacorn", and "Lunatic", she is loved by many for lots of different reasons! She has smooth gaits when well-controlled and prefers to kick cones rather than go around them. She has a favorite corner of the arena (by the mailbox) and a favorite speed (0mph), and she loves living outside!

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