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What is Horse Powered Reading®?

Books In the Barn is an affiliate of Horse Powered Reading®, which is an experiential reading program based on the EAGALA model (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association) and developed by Dr. Michele Pickel. Because horses evoke such a powerful emotional response from humans, the bond a student feels with one of these awesome creatures can greatly influence their learning. Dr. Pickel's research-based method uses the horse and any associated props as metaphors for reading skills. This not only makes it fun for the student, but the combination of socio-emotional learning with academics allows students to experience reading with their entire mind, body, and emotions, making it much more memorable. And because our activities cover a wide range of skills, from phonemic awareness all the way to comprehension, we are very pleased to be able to offer all of the programs below to anyone from first through sixth grade!

Please visit for more information about this exciting program!


Children learn to read at different rates and for various reasons. Our job is to determine what obstacles are in their way to success and then create a plan of action to focus on strengthening the weaker skills. We can offer this in such a fun way and with such an emotional connection to an animal that they're more likely to retain the information and utilize their skills! Each private tutoring session is scheduled for 50 minutes but may take more or less time, depending on the student. Sessions can be purchased in packages of 4 for $200 per month (scheduled weekly on Fridays)  and can be renewed for as many months as you like! Text Jessica at 440-821-4887 to sign up!

Book Clubs

Our book clubs are 90 minutes in length and meet once a week for 4 weeks. Not only do we read and discuss the horse-related book together, but we also participate in experiential activities related to the book. This immersive book club experience stresses skills that include things like vocabulary and comprehension, and can make books less scary and school assignments more manageable. Clubs start at the beginning of each month and cost $100 for each participant, which includes the book and all materials, with a maximum of 6 kids. Books & Buckaroos (1st-3rd grades) meets Sundays at 1pm, and Champions of Chapters (4th-6th grades) meets Sundays at 3pm. Text Jessica at 440-821-4887 to sign up!

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